• Member, the 8th、9th、10th、11th、12th CPPCC National Committee;
  • Deputy Director, the Subcommittee for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Compatriots and Overseas Chinese of the 11th、12th National Committee of the CPPCC;
  • Executive Vice Chairwoman, China Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association;
  • Chairwoman, Beijing Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce;
  • Lifelong Honorary Chairwoman, Beijing Manchu Nationality Institute;
  • Second Vice Chairwoman, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustee, Honorary Doctor of Humanities, Savannah College of Art and Design, USA;
  • Chairwoman of the Board, Fu Wah International Group;
  • Curator, China Red Sandalwood Museum;

Chairwoman of the Board's Address

Since Hong Kong Fu Wah International Group began its investment and development in the mainland more than twenty years ago, it can be said that it has experienced ten years of hardships and ten years of fruitful results. Over the past twenty years, we have continued to inherit and carry forward the great traditions of our country, and have also kept pace with the advance of the times. We have adopted honesty, modesty, persistence and rigorous pragmatism as our operation philosophy, which has led to the steady development of our enterprise.

Over the past twenty years, Fu Wah Group has witnessed selfless dedication and hard work from the older generation of the group, and the ambition and entrepreneurial spirits of the new generation.

We will embrace the future with full confidence. However, we still have a long way to go as this is only a beginning for Fu Wah Group, whose ambition extends to the next century. We are currently embarking on a new journey and are convinced that under the leadership of our board of directors, we will cooperate and make a collective effort. We also integrate our investment with the overall development of our capital city so as to contribute to the construction of it on both physical and mental levels.

This era is offering us new opportunities and more space for development, with challenges to be faced in the new century and solemn responsibilities to be undertaken in the future. We are willing to cooperate with people from all walks of life to make more contributions to the prosperity of our country.