• Member of Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference;
  • Vice Chairman, China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs;
  • Chairman, China Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs-Youth Committee;
  • Deputy Director, Beijing CPPCC Committee for Liaison with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese;
  • Vice Chairman, Beijing Federation of Industry & Commerce;
  • Chairman, Beijing Dongcheng Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment;
  • President, Fu Wah International Group;
  • Chairman, Fu Wah Property Co., Ltd.
  • Chairman, Jinbao Street Co., Ltd.

President's Address

With the passage of time, and as we enter into the New Year, Fu Wah International Group is also ushering in a new stage of its development.

After 20 years of development on the Chinese Mainland, a land full of vigor and vitality, Fu Wah Group has achieved consecutive successes. We have always taken fulfilling corporate social responsibility as our mission and actively participated in social welfare undertakings, becoming a corporate group with scientific innovation ideas, an outstanding corporate culture and a superb sense of competition. As advocated by Mrs. Chan Lai-wa, Chairwoman of the group, “Fu Wah Group adheres to fulfilling social responsibility and being dedicated to society”. Fu Wah Group has realized its value while shouldering its responsibilities, and won respect with its dedication to society.

Thanks to all the group colleagues for their down-to-earth and diligent work, it is because of your efforts that Fu Wah International Group has made such excellent achievements over the past 20 years.