Striving to be a Better Tie between the Party and the People

by Chiu Yung

In the high summer (July 31 to August 5), the first session of theoretical research seminar of the representatives of social organizations of the United Front Work Department (UFWD) of CPC Central Committee were held in Beijing and Henan. 46 representatives of social organizations from all over the country involving economy, education, culture and other industries and fields participated in the learning and exchange. I also had the honour to attend the training and acted as the monitor of the theoretical research class.

This seminar is a special theoretical research class for people of social organizations under the context of implementing the spirit of the series important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of the United Front Work Conference of the New Social Classes organized by the UFWD. The event was designed to guide social organizations to further strengthen political consensus, improve the quality and ability, and further enhance the representativeness, and play a greater role in the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity. Thanks to the relevant departments of the UFWD for organizing this seminar. We had the chance to study and live together with the concerned leaders and learned a lot through the process.

The course covered the contents of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important speeches, the new concepts, new ideas, new strategies of the state governance, the practice of the socialist core values, the implementation of the spirit of the United Front work conference of the new social classes, the social organization construction, the traditional Chinese culture, the international situation and foreign affairs and so on. After careful study and in-depth discussions, the class made a field trip to the China Social Welfare Foundation to hear the instructions of the related leadership from the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Then we went to the Red Flag Canal Memorial Hall, Fenshui Garden, and Youth Cave in Linzhou, Henan to receive the patriotism and collectivism education and personally experience “the years of burning passion".

During the course of study, we all agreed that this learning activity is of great significance and very fruitful. In the future work and practice, we should be more consciously to keep highly consistent with the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, firmly establish the political consciousness, the overall situation consciousness, the core consciousness and the consciousness of keeping abreast, and we should constantly enhance every confidence in our path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, in our theories and in our system, in our culture, and consciously to be the model in the practice of socialist core values, consciously assume the mission and responsibility, and actively contribute to national development and national rejuvenation. We should carry forward the Red Flag Canal spirit of self-reliance and hard work and serve the globe through "The Belt and Road” and let the world hear the voice of China.

I think it is of great significance to participate in the theoretical research class. First, the United Front Work Department holds dozens of training courses every year, but our class is special - because it is the “ground breaking work” of the political theory training held by the UFWD dedicated to the field of social organization representatives; it is a brand new practice to implement the spirit of the CPC Central Committee's Work Conference on United Front of new social classes, to unite new groups and condense new forces.

Second, the content is substantial and the form is diverse. While studying the spirit of series important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the basic policies of the UFWD work, we also attended the lectures of experts and scholars on China's social organization construction, Chinese class structure optimization and social governance, traditional Chinese culture and the national development strategy of "The Belt and Road". It is widely acknowledged that we have broadened our horizons, enriched our knowledge and raised our awareness through this course. In addition to the theoretical study, we also had seminars, students’ salon and the revolutionary tradition education and other contents. Either in theory learning or in the field instruction in the Red Flag Canal, all the students could seize the opportunity to communicate and learn from each other, to deepen mutual understanding and promote exchange. We have harvested friendship and enhanced our feelings towards each other.

Third, the style of study is upright and the atmosphere is strong. Everyone cherished this learning opportunity. At class, we were serious in thinking, active in raising questioning and in interaction, making the classroom atmosphere very lively; in the discussions, we put ourselves in and blended with others, shared our understanding, absorbed wisdom and inspired one and another; in our field trip, we made careful observation, got enlightened by thinking and practice, and made a lot of realization. We all took this class as a fuelling station for our career development, a new and important platform, from which we really took away the harvests and hope.

This 6-day session of theoretical research class is not long, but we generally think it is rewarding and worthwhile. Generally speaking, we have gained from the following aspects:
Firstly, ideological and political consensus is condensed. Through the in-depth study of the series speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping, we have a better understanding on the new concepts, new ideas, new strategies of General Secretary’s administration and governance. We deeply aware that the General Secretary is a party leader grown from the roots of the people, who has the insightful and resourceful leadership demeanour, who has the personal charisma of devoting his heart and mind to the country and the people and who has the political wisdom and great talent and bold vision as a Marxism statesman. We all felt that, the social organizations, as an important force in building the socialism with Chinese characteristics, have ushered the spring of development. Particularly, we need to be highly consistent with the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, listen to the party and follow the party. The primary task of Chinese social organizations is to pass the care of the party and the state to the masses, and play the role of tie between the party and the people.

Secondly, the sense of social responsibility is strengthened. This course helped us fully understand the spirit of the united front work conference of the new social classes, grasp the concept, the composition and the overall situation of the personnel of the new social classes, and get to know the important position and role of the representatives of social organizations. We also grow a new understanding to the requirements of the Central Committee to the united front work of the people of the new social classes, and what to do and how to do as representatives of the social organizations. From the study, I can fully feel the Central Committee’s concern and trust to social organizations, a trainee said, from now on, I shall consciously become a united front worker, and do solid united front work in the primary service and help the masses to appreciate the party and listen to the party. The training this time has allowed me to have a new class consciousness, said a student, I can genuinely fit myself to think about the social organizations, the new class position and mission, as well as the responsibility and obligation as a representative. Other trainees said, our responsibility is to reflect the voices of the masses and the industries, and promote the perfection of policy and legal system, and play a good role in participating in the administration and discussion of state affairs.

Thirdly, comprehensive ability and quality is improved. We are elites in the field of social organizations, and our professional abilities and qualities are indisputable. But as representatives of the social organizations, it is far from enough to have strong professional quality, a strong sense of overall situation and ability to participate in the administration and discussion of state affairs is equally important. Through this study, we grow more understanding to the various aspects of theoretical knowledge, deeper knowledge about our national conditions and the overall situation of the party and country, and more clear direction on how to enhance the ability of participation in the administration and discussion of state affairs, and better fulfil the responsibilities of representatives. A student pointed out, I myself is a model worker, but it was not until I got to the Red Flag Canal did I truly aware of what is a real model worker. We came to realize how to actively participate in the administration and discussion of state affairs while developing career through this training, said some students, and how to contribute our wisdom and strength to the country's economic and social development. (The author is Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal Committee of CPPCC and chairman of Youth Committee of COCEA)