Fu Wah Property Hengqin Project-Zhuhai Building 1 Delivery Standard Meeting Is Held - Fu Wah's Third-generation Successor Chiu Ziwei Attends the Meeting for the First Time

On the afternoon of July 26, Hengqin Project-Zhuhai Building 1 Delivery Standard Meeting was held at Red Sandalwood Building. Among the attendees were some senior executives of Fu Wah International Group (Fu Wah), the management of Fu Wah Property, the management of China Red Sandalwood Museum (CRSM) and Manager of Zhuhai Project.

Chiu Ziwei, a third-generation successor of Fu Wah, attended the meeting as Deputy Curator of CRSM and Director of the Preparatory Office of CRSM Zhuhai. Chiu Yung, President of Fu Wah hosted the meeting and delivered an important speech.

Chiu noted that CRSM Zhuhai Hengqin is a key project of Fu Wah, as well as a local landmark with rich cultural essence. With a clear conception, the project has drawn great attention from the local government. Leaders of the Government of Hengqin have paid special visits to the project site and been concerned about the project progress. Meanwhile, Fu Wah is further strengthening cooperation with the Palace Museum, and will strive to present collections and future art activities in accordance with higher standards.

Then Chiu introduced his second daughter Chiu Ziwei. She received systematic cultural and artistic education abroad, studied and practiced at art colleges and institutions in New York, Savannah and other cities. Now she has joined Fu Wah to repay the country and Fu Wah with internationally advanced art management concepts she learned. Chiu expected her to play a role model in Hengqin.

Chiu Ziwei delivered an impromptu speech, saying that she had visited a lot of museums abroad in recent years and learned a lot and undertaking to bring advanced international exhibition concepts to Fu Wah.

Chiu Ziwei delivered an impromptu speech

Heads of relevant sectors also delivered ebullient speeches to warmly welcome Chiu Ziwei.