China Red Sandalwood Museum, founded by a member of the national committee of CPPCC and chairlady of Hong Kong Fu Wah International Group Mrs. Chan Laiwa, is the biggest theme civilian-run (private) museum in China that integrates the collection, research, and exhibition of red sandalwood art with the appreciation of Chinese traditional classic furniture, filling a gap in Chinese museum arena.

On September 19, 1999, China Red Sandalwood Museum was officially open to the public, its exhibition hall covers an area of 9,569 square meters altogether. Here, you can appreciate the exhibitions of the furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties, quintessential traditional furniture, Buddhist cultural artworks, the material, modeling, and structure of traditional furniture, as well as the richly oriental works of art like miniatures of Chinese ancient architecture, and all of these exhibits are made from precious red sandalwood.     

As a major cultural scene in Beijing, China Red Sandalwood Museum was rated as the AAAA National Tourist Spot by National Tourism Bureau at the end of 2003, it has received tourists and dignitaries from all over the world, and is highly appraised and acclaimed by all. China Red Sandalwood Museum insists that it is its own responsibility to protect historical heritages and carry forward Chinese traditional culture, and endeavors to demonstrate the charisma of red sandalwood art in an all-around and sophisticated way, and refurbishes the splendor of Chinese traditional furniture.